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December Plans Already!

Well, december is here now and the holidays are pushing their way into the lives of the busy! I confess, I really do love xmas...the reds/greens, smiles from kids when opening their gifts and the pretty lights around town :)
Even my rott mix Buddha gets into the spirit! (no dogs were harmed in the shooting of that photo!) Lol.

This xmas I went online and purchased all of the kids presents instead of fighting the shopping, grumpy, crazy-faced crowds that seem to take the whole word "fun" out of gift shopping. Just wanted to say, xmas of 2012 will be the same way! So fun and easy!! :)


So Little Motivation Left...

Have you ever woke up one weekend morning feeling like you have NO motivation to work on your craft business? Even though you know you need to? Boy...I've really been feeling the weight of my guilt for not wanting to work on my etsy shops or promote on my Twitter account. Lately, I seem to have no motivation and therefore have only made 1 sale this month! Terrible. So I've been thinking alot about how I can motivate myself to work on my home business like I need to...without sacrificing my personal life TOO much lol :) I thought I'd share some silly ways that I've come up with in case you've also felt this way......

1. Drink CAFFEINE! Whether it be coffee, green tea or an energy drink :) If you're not a caffeinated person, grab your favorite drink and sit at your craft table/area. 

2. Put yourself in your art room/area where you work with your home business products and look around. You dont even have to DO anything! Just looking around always gives me ideas. I keep a little notebook on hand where I can quickly jot down any new ideas or promotion tips. This will help you motivate yourself because it's always fun creating new ideas :)

3. I can work in a cluttered/messy house....I always start my day off with a little "Quick Pick" (as the Gordanier family calls it lol) and clean up around where I'll be working.

Here are some products that are unique because they were inspired by my quick jotting down of new ideas!


How I Started My Own Business

It all began with a shoe on the wall. A shoe on the wall shouldn't be there at all!! Oh wait SORRY! This is my blog not my sons Dr Seuss book lol! Iv always had a creative side in me. My mother was always working on something...crocheting, knitting, sewing, beading. So I grew up around boxes of craft items :) and loved it.
I would constantly be working on projects as well right by her side lol. I soon found out that I could make some extra money by doing something I LOVED!! Boy that sold me. Found etsy and started my first shop www.KGsKreations.etsy.com . That was great and fun! Put the shop on hold for a few months as I created a sister shop for JUST my sewn products www.TheWindfallTree.etsy.com . Reopened KGK for all my hand-crocheted and knitted items. I now work both shops by myself....no one as a helper or co-partner in crime. I'm proud iv come this far though with my own strength iv been given :) my hubby has always been supportive of me...and I'm sure a little has too do with the extra Taco Bell we can afford and the money were saving for family day trips lol! I also work full time a half hour away...which I try to control my yearning to quit n just be at home doing what I love. I'd have alot more time too try to get my 2 shops working for me full time ;) but right now this is where I'm at and will abide my time. I'm so grateful to my husband for his support n being my best friend through everything. I'm learning not to get stressed dealing with a FT job...2 shops I manage alone...3 kids and cooking n cleaning LOL!! True love haha!

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Family Trip To The Oregon Coast

Our family trip the oregon coast today! Was a great Sunday....we always find something fun to do each wknd so it's always a family suprise :)

This is the start of our family trip to the beach....link fell asleep and SOMEONE had to hold his head up so poor Bell had to take the job lol!!

 Awww I love this picture of my baby and me!! :) He's showing you his crab shell lol...

 Rob flying his kite that he LOVES to do :) He is really great at it too

 We really ARE a great couple :) I love him sooo much!

 Oh silly boy....LOOK at that face lol!!

 Here I totally caught Bell in action...she did NOT pose like this haha! She realized the wind blew up her sweater and she got a bunch of sand in her pants!


My Memorial Day Weekend

*Me and my boy sitting in the truck because it's raining out* :)

Today was a great saturday! My husband and I got to drink a wonderful Cup of dark roasted coffee while taking a quick glance at the cnn news. We then headed to safeway for some hot dogs n picnic food! Had a great lunch n hike at the Mcdowell Creek Park. It rained the whole time but was fun :)
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*Link and his daddy rosted their girls' polish dogs* :)

These were sooo good!! I must say my 2 men did a wonderful job ;)
*Hehe my loooovely little INNOCENT child* :)
Oooh how they enjoyed drinking all the root beer they wanted lol. Children.....oh how they love sweets and sugar lol! Loved it all though!
*My 2 sweet girls adoring the beauty of mother nature* :)

*Haha furby is always eating!* :)
*cute right?* hehe :)

"The Begining of My Entrepreneur"

My name is Kristy Gordanier, read the "About Me" tab if you're interested :)
Being a mom of 3, 4 if you include my rotty Buddha lol, a wife, cook, house cleaner, FT employee at Samaritan Health Services, friend, daughter, sister and whatever else I cant seem to think of, takes a lot of my time from 5:45am clear until we put the kids to bed at 8 - 8:30pm. I find time for my crafts/art anytime after 9pm :) If I'm not too tired after the long day, I will spend a few hours of marketing on my 2 etsy shops (TWT) The Windfall Tree and (KGK) KGsKreations as well as add at least 1 new item a day for sale. Other nights when I feel too exhausted to be online, i just relax at crochet/knit while watching some tv with the hubby :) Every Friday and Saturday nights (because those are the 2 nights I get to stay up as late as i want w/o having to work the next morning lol) I fill up with coffee or Red Bull so I have enough energy to get things done hehe :) Yeah sounds funny...but it's fun to get the stuff i need to do because I feel successful and like i've done my part in promoting my entrepreneur business!! Fun! I am on the following sites as "TheWindfallTree"
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  • And more as I go each week! :) ...............
I'll be posting more soon! Right now me and my family are heading to Safeway for BBQ items for this wknd :) Thanks to all for visiting my post!!